Having grown up in Essen, I studied mathematics and philosophy at the Free University of Berlin. For my PhD, which I obtained at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden, I turned towards theoretical biophysics. In particular, I worked on questions related to the biophysical principles underlying hearing. From Dresden I moved to¬†Barcelona, where I spent four years as a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for¬†Genomic Regulation. My scientific interest there more and more revolved around challenges in developmental biology, more specifically the physics of cells and tissues in embryonic contexts. My passion has always been to combine theoretical, computational, an experimental approaches to tackle the questions at hand. And so I very much enjoyed working in an interdisciplinary environment with colleagues from diverse intellectual backgrounds, as I believe only in this setting progress can be made with regard to many of the open problems currently debated in the biological sciences. Knowledge grows when shared! Next to my own research, over the years I have thus grasped many opportunities to act as teacher, lecturer and mentor, e.g. in the role as tutor for undergraduates, teacher in summer schools, co-supervisor of younger researchers, or as helper in a summer camp for kids in Morocco. After quitting my job in Barcelona, I moved back to Berlin and took some months off from work. Which gave me the exciting opporunity for a wonderful travel adventure, during which I walked all the way from Berlin to Oslo. Upon being back in Berlin, I started to work as a freelance workshop trainer for ProSciencia and also as a research and development engineer at Pupil Labs in Berlin. Currently, I am employed as Lead R’n’D Engineer at Pupil Labs, where I am leading a team of engineers, dealing with questions at the interface between machine learning, computer vision, and eye tracking. Apart from that, I have recently taken up singing lessons, which turn out to be a lot of fun and a welcome counterweight to the sciency and techy stuff I am spending most of my time with.